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Logitech DFGT, PS3 games & Blurays(3D)

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Hello friends! pleasantry.gif


This is my first thread for sale o some stuff that has been lying with me...



1. Logitech driving force GT


  • Hardly used for 4-5 hours.
  • There are no visible signs of wear n tear.
  • All buttons function as new
  • no original box.

Asking price: R$ 600 400


2. Ps3 games:


  • Complete with art cover, box and manuals
  • no cracks on the boxes
  • boxes are new unless mentioned

  1. Rage, - R$ 60,00
  2. Rainbow six vegas 2, - R$ 45,00
  3. Assassin's creed brotherhood R$ 50,00
  4. Deus ex(with explosive map pack), R$ 95,00
  5. Borderland, R$ 45,00 (old box)
  6. Driver san francisco(special edition with uplay code n codes to taxi challenge n legendry car in multiplayer), R$ 60,00
  7. Red dead redemption R$ 55,00(old box) with map.
  8. Killzone 3 (std. edition) R$ 55,00f
  9. uncharted 2 (std. edition) R$ 50.00(pic will be added if requested)
  10. the sabuteur (std. edn) R$ 35.00 (pic will be added if requested)









3. 3D Bluray movies (region A B C compatible)

  • Gnomeo n juliet,
  • Tron legacy
  • Pirates of the Carribbean: on stranger tides R$ 40.00 each

(don't have Portuguese subtitles or audios)


PICS: f1b98x.jpg

4. Misc. Stuff in case someone is interested.


Uncharted 3 special edition cover, poster, manual booklet.(NO DISC)


PS3 games:

  • MoH (2010) disc only
  • Rainbow six vegas
  • Ghost Recon advanced war fighter
  • Unreal tournament


  • I AM OPEN TO NEGOTIATIONS so, Please qoute your offers for any thing you like from above stuff.
  • Prices asked for are inclusive of the courier/shipping charges
  • CAN TRADE WHEEL FOR VITA + balance amount..
  • If you don't like the prices please PM me and suggest your prices.
  • Please don't troll on the thread.

Thank u all for watching.. victory.gif

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Pessoal, nosso amigo aqui mora aqui no Brasil, já esta no MyPS3t a algum tempo.


Conheci ele já pessoalmente e posso ajudar nas negociaçoes caso seja necessario uma tradução ingles/portugues ou ate mesmo na parte financeira. O nome dele é Varun e é uma excelente pessoa para trocar uma ideia sobre video game e outros assuntos!




The uncharted 3 stuff I will take all!

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looking for trades now!!

mainly Vita games. please post here or send a private message.



olhando para a troca agora!

Principalmente jogos Vita. por favor postar aqui ou enviar uma mensagem privada.


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added 'The Saboteur' to the list.

easy but time taking platinum!!


Looking for permanent or temporary exchange for Infamous 2, God of War 3, Battlefield Bad company 2.


acrescentado "The Saboteur 'à lista.

fácil, mas o tempo de platina tendo!


Olhando para a troca permanente ou temporária para inFamous 2, God of War 3,Battlefield Bad Company 2 para qualquer um dos jogos na lista acima.

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Interested in TEKKEN 6 for your DRIVER ? And your DRIVER have online pass cod ?

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