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Timed to Perfection - F1 2011 - VITA

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Adjust Oversteer to 100% on the first page, and SPEED/ACCELERATION to 70%. Also, make sure you are using DRS (Triangle18x18.png - Layout B) on every straight, and use KERS (square18x18.png - Layout B) generally accelerating onto the longest straight. 


Here are some tips on specific tracks that I had some difficulty on. If you are having problems on certain tracks while already using the suggested setup (70% speed, 100% oversteer); making sure you are using DRS and KERS, using assisted steering, try some of these tips to see if they help. Also, use the ghost car to see where you are losing time. The following are the locations where I found I was losing the most time. Finally, if you are frustrated- give it up for a few hours. I had to come back the next day to finish some of the tracks. 

Istanbul- Make sure you carry as much speed as possible through the multiple corners in "Turn 8". I got the gold on a lap that I used some of my KERS exiting and accelerating out of Turn 8 and the rest of it out of Turn 10 instead of using all of it exiting Turn 10. Also be sure to be smooth through Turns 12 through 14.

Montreal- Make sure you break early during Turn 1 so you can be accelerating through Turn 2. You need to find the perfect line to take Turns 3 and 4 almost flat out without quite hitting the wall. The same is true for Turns 12 and 13.

Silverstone- My toughest track. Basically my only piece of advice is stick to the driving line as quick as you can. You lose time if you are going wide on the turns. You'll eventually get the feel for the right balance. The ghost car was very helpful on this track to see where I was going wrong. I split using my KERS on the two long straights on this track instead of using it on one. 

Spa- I finally figured out I was missing the Gold because how I was taking the final chicane- Turns 19 and 20. Break EARLY after the long slightly curved straight so you can fully accelerate through Turn 20. The lap I got the Gold I did this and also had a tiny bit of KERS to use as I accelerated out of Turn 20. Also, make sure you are almost taking the uphill chicane (Turns 3-5) flatout. Finally, you'd be surprised how much time you can lose at Turn 1. Get that turn down perfect first.

Monza- My first lap I missed the gold by .003 seconds (even after clipping the sand) and then it took me 50+ laps or restarts to beat it- due to frustration. Basically, I was not taking "Turn 7" fast enough. Make sure you break sufficiently, and then use all of the track (including the curbs) to fully accelerate through the rest of the curves in Turn 7. 

Suzuka- Suzuka has been my favorite track since F1 2000 yet I had difficulty achieving the Gold Medal. You need to first perfect Turn 1 and the fast sweeping turns after. Make sure you break early enough in Turns 10 and 13. Also make sure you are accelerating hard out of the final chicane. After struggling a bit, I had a smooth lap and beat the Gold Medal time by a second.

Yas Marina- I got the Gold Medal on a lap where I really overdrove the corners on the last sector of the Circuit (Turns 11-21). Especially 21. However DO NOT go wide on 17- this will slow your car down and doom you from getting the Gold Medal.

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